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    Thứ Ba,29/05/2012 03:08

     Mission Vision Packaging Joint Stock Company Northern LIKSINN us!

Factory packaging Liksin become producers and providing leading packaging Southeast

  • Liksin satisfy the needs and desires of you with flexible packaging solutions with high quality and perfect service. Based on
  • Liksin culture, enterprise packages Liskin constantly evolving resource, with partners contributing to improving the quality of life.
  • common interests
  • Cooperation Creative
  • Professional
  • Along
- Put the common good above, the lower level of the superior obedience, obedience community members.
- Liksin and you put the interests of the community above, and respect for law enforcement.
- Liksin view of the national interest is paramount.

- Each individual that cooperation, humility, mutual help complete the job: full, timely and effective. Completion of the work is completed and the individual exercise completed.
- The members of the partnership that created Liksin new strength, increase joint asset: information, intellectual resources, linked together to create high-quality product, multi-technology, services friendly, work together to build "common market".
- You Liksin and cooperative banks which benefit from larger, more sustainable.

- Creativity is a quality needed to meet workload growing, diverse, complex
- Creation to find new customers, new markets.
- Creativity is connecting Liksin quality and sales to address the new requirements of the market, of life.

- Professionalism is enhanced by learning self-discipline, character training, professional development, technology employed.
- Each member of Liksin are "experts" in their field of activity. Each individual has insight Liksin, have proficient skills in their respective fields.
- Liksin which provides human resources professional community.

- Liksin development, personal advancement.
- Liksin and their members have the same interests, the same harmonious development and rational.
- Liksin and trading partners grow together in community development.