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    Thứ Ba,29/05/2012 03:08

    Packaging Corporation Northern Liksin former factory packaging Liksin Northern affiliated corporations in the packaging industry LIKSI
    To better meet the needs of our clients in North charges, after a construction period of infrastructure, buildings, training of human resources ... The plant was officially put into operation on 06.01.2004 .

Factory packaging Liksin become producers and providing leading packaging Southeast MISSION:
Enterprise Liksin satisfy the needs and desires of you with flexible packaging solutions with high quality and perfect service.
Based on Liksin culture, enterprise packages Liskin constantly evolving resource, with partners contributing to improving the quality of life.

General Interest
Along development.

- Set up the public interest, the lower the level of obedience, submission community members.
- Liksin and you put the interests of the community above, and respect for law enforcement.
- Liksin view of the national interest is paramount.

- Each individual that cooperation, humility, mutual help complete the job: full, timely and effective. Completion of the work is completed and the individual exercise completed.
- The members of the partnership that created Liksin new strength, increase joint asset: information, intellectual resources, linked together to create high-quality product, multi-technology, services friendly, work together to build "common market".
- You Liksin and cooperative banks which benefit from larger, more sustainable.

* Creativity:
- Creativity is a quality needed to meet workload growing, diverse, complex
- Creation to find new customers, new markets.
- Creativity is connecting Liksin quality and sales to address the new requirements of the market, of life.

- Professionalism is enhanced by learning self-discipline, character training, professional development, technology employed.
- Each member of Liksin are "experts" in their field of activity. Each individual has insight Liksin, have proficient skills in their respective fields.
- Liksin which provides human resources professional community.

- Liksin development, personal advancement.
- Liksin and their members have the same interests, the same harmonious development and rational.
- Liksin and trading partners grow together in community development.